Riviere Cigar Ashtray in Basketweave Leather- 2 Colours

Riviere Cigar Ashtray in Basketweave Leather- 2 Colours

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BRAND- Riviere

The secret to Riviere lies in perfect quality, accurate details, sophisticated clean lines and an extraordinary combination of materials and finishes. Butter soft NAPA leather and smooth natural calf skins are carefully selected from the best Italian tanneries and all materials are chosen with strict criteria to guarantee the excellence of the products. Riviere accessories have a refined and understated character, the variety of preciousness of the handcrafted leather finishes and the sophisticated colour palate give to the collection an original, unique personality.

DESCRIPTION- Luxurious Cigar Ashtray with hand woven leather detail. Pair with table lighter to complete the experience. 

DIMENSIONS- 21 x 15 x 4.5h cm 

Available in Black and Grey Colourways