Christmas Decorations 2021- Terms

We are delighted to be offering to our customers our extensive Christmas 2021 Collection directly from Goodwill in Belgium.


When a product is an "assortment of..." this means that there are more than one type, usually a different shape in the same range. We cannot guarantee the shape that will be sent to you but please contact the store to enquire as to whether we can accommodate your request.

Titles, Descriptions and Quantities

We endeavour to be as accurate as possible in our titles, descriptions and quantities but with so many products and in store breakages, particularly our quantities are not always correct. Please understand therefore that while an item may say that is is in stock, this is not always the case, and should this occur we will contact you as soon as possible.


As you will see elsewhere on our website, we charge a flat shipping rate which works most of the time but if the freight comes to more than the amount that comes up in your cart, we will immediately contact you with the actual freight cost. If you are unhappy with the freight cost, we can provide you with a refund. 


We are opening the 2021 season with an extensive list of in stock items but are offering other ranges from Goodwill that are on their way. The dates that we have stated are approximate and dependant on the usual freight delays however everything listed has actually left Belgium and is on its way. If your order is time sensitive therefore, please contact the store to discuss this.

Mix of available and pre-ordered items

If you would like to receive a combination of available and pre-ordered items and you do this on one order, we will ship it to you once all items have arrived. If you would like to receive what is currently available earlier, please do this with 2 transactions: a transaction for what is available will be sent as soon as possible and the subsequent pre-ordered items will be sent as soon as we receive them.

From everyone at Opsis Designs, we hope that you will love the range as much as we do, we certainly all need some fun and cheer this year and Merry Christmas!