Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting is about fostering and strengthening relationships. This is possible when you can surprise your client or colleague with a gift that delights. Give them something that they want to keep. Anything less is a lost opportunity.

Packages are available $60 to any limit.


Corporate and settlement gifts are about fostering and strengthening relationships and one great way to do that is by giving an impressive gift. This past year has had many challenges and now more than ever, it is important to acknowledge past relationships and to build new ones. Ordinarily, the lead up to Christmas would include multiple occasions for networking and celebrating the end of the year but this year things need to change. There will be limited, if any, opportunity for traditional end of year celebrations and so the question arises as to how businesses can adapt to the changing landscape.

There is an opportunity to surprise the client or colleague with a gift that exceeds expectations. Something more meaningful than a bottle of champagne that is consumed (hopefully) and then forgotten or the usual hamper that includes a multitude of unwanted bits and pieces. Giving a mediocre or unwanted gift is a missed opportunity. Giving a gift that is also a pleasant surprise makes the gift giving a memorable experience. How wonderful to give a gift that is beautiful and that lasts. Something that becomes a talking point.


There are numerous companies that offer corporate gifting services so what makes what we do different? The traditional corporate gift is packaged quite nicely, but usually the contents do nothing more than “tick the box”. We at Opsis Designs endeavour to give a gift that delights. We are not trying to make something look more than it is. When you receive a hamper, there is little that gives away its real value and the attempt is to “dress up” the box to make it look good when actually its value is uncertain. We on the other hand have all of our items available on our website, we include them in the boxes because we know that they sell well and that people love them. Anything else is frankly a waste of time. A lost opportunity.

In order to select our treasured pieces we (ordinarily!) travel to Paris and Milan annually to choose from the best artisans from around the world. These well thought out pieces are then sold through our store in Double Bay and we see our clients delight in the special curated selection that we bring back.

We have discerning customers from Australia and around the world and have excellent feedback. We have delivered our packages to some of the most exclusive addresses in Australia so we know that we have something very special to offer our corporate customers and really look forward to working with you to exceed your expectations and provide an excellent service not just another tick off the list.


You may not agree with what we have to say on this but please hear us out!
When you give a gift, especially a corporate gift, it is imperative that the recipient knows who sent it. There really would not be any point otherwise! At the same time, the purpose of the gift is to delight. I think that we can agree that there is no better way for the recipient to be delighted than by receiving a fabulous gift. Well, no matter how beautiful the logo or how discreetly placed, even a truly beautiful gift looses something when a logo is applied to it.

Logos are perfectly placed in the workplace itself but are not appropriate when you are trying to put them onto objects that go into the recipient’s workplace or home. Your logo in someone else’s workplace is awkward. Put a logo on a beautiful set of glasses that go to someone’s home and at best those glasses end up in the back of their cupboard.

Put a logo on a gift and you do not achieve anything.

The purpose of the gift is to delight and to make the recipient remember you (fondly!). That is why our boxes contain special items that already have a great brand and are beautiful. The aim is that your guest opens the gift and proudly puts it somewhere in their workplace or home. They see the item frequently and it brings a smile to their face.

Now that is a great corporate gift!


Of course we can tailor the box to your requirements but the majority of our boxes have 2 items that work beautifully together. Each year we will renew our focus and this year we have chosen to offer packages with AYTM and Ladenac Milano.

AYTM is a Danish based company that produces lovely glass products in a limited pallet of rose, forest green, navy, black and amber. The vases and lanterns come in a variety of sizes. We find that when a customer purchases the first piece, the rest of the pieces slowly join their collection and so we know that this is a great product. They fit beautifully in any room of the house. They look equally great on a desk and in a powder room. They are petite so can fit into these areas easily and at the same time are very attractive.

The second item is from Ladenac Milano (which is actually a Spanish company). Ladenac make candles and home fragrance. Having discovered this brand in Paris, it is arguably the most beautiful candle brand in the world. The candles and room fragrances are striking and extremely well packaged and we have acquired an extensive collection for our store. These products are fantastic and sit beautifully with the AYTM pieces. The packages have been designed so that the 2 pieces in each box are complementary.

We also have smaller and larger boxes with different products available from our store.

It may be easier then to just jump into preempting your questions!


Firstly, all of the items in the box are well branded and are in their original boxes. These are then placed inside our custom made black magnetic box that is lined in gold foil. If required, this is then placed into our Opsis black postage box and we arrange for shipping directly to the recipient. Alternatively if you would prefer to personally give the gift we will put the magnetic box into one of our beautiful bags.


Absolutely! If you provide us with the details, we can personalise each gift with its own card, perhaps on your company stationery and can insert your business card or brochure in the box if required.
We can deliver the boxes to any place you require. We can bring some or all of the boxes to your address and the balance or all of the boxes directly to your list.
We can of course put together corporate gifts in themes, such as a gift for the garden, cigar tech lover and more. Whatever the brief, we are sure we can exceed expectations.

You can order through our website but this may be a little tedious if you are order a number of boxes. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can put something together for you.