Faux Flower Orchid Cymbidium Bud- Green

Faux Flower Orchid Cymbidium Bud- Green

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BRAND- Opsis Faux Blooms

Opsis Faux Blooms are a collection of artificial flowers and feathers, including single stems, arrangements and vases that we source from various suppliers and offer to our customers.

While there is always a place for real flowers, faux flowers now are made at an entirely new quality level to the silk flowers of the past and are a very appealing alternative or complimentary addition. Additionally, faux flowers might be a preferable solution when using a precious vase. Because you don’t need water and the flowers are artificial, you don’t need to handle the vase as often and therefore reduce the risk of chips and even breakages.

Whether you opt for a ready bouquet set in a vase or would prefer to design your own arrangement, please view our extensive and frequently updated range to see if we have something that suits you.

DESCRIPTION- Orchid Cymbidium Bud