Basil Bangs Garden Umbrella “Jardin"- Black Octagonal

Basil Bangs Garden Umbrella “Jardin"- Black Octagonal

Basil Bangs
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Meet our garden umbrella

Commandeered from Basil Bangs' commercial range and altered for residential use, Jardin features a classical domed shape, luxurious fringing and a generous 2100mm/7ft diameter.

Available in two UV stable solid canopy colours, this vintage-style umbrella is suited to everyday backyard use, on decks, patios and poolside.

Designed with 2-piece solid American ash timber poles (no hinge), reinforced pockets, stainless steel hardware and heavy gauge resin parts ensure it’s robust, while still lending a relaxed vibe. 


  • Using your umbrella at home:
  • We recommend securing your umbrella in a base. For freestanding umbrellas we recommend the 25kg Basil Base, and the 14kg Standard Base for table settings.
  • In gusty conditions we recommend lowering the umbrella to prevent any risk of it flying away.
  • Store your umbrella in a dry environment to extend its life and minimise wear and tear.


  • 2.1m diameter canopy
  • Height 2.35m
  • Pole diameter: 35mm