Skultuna Infinity Brass Candleholder- Large Black

Skultuna Infinity Brass Candleholder- Large Black

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BRAND- Skultuna

DESIGNER- Bernadotte and Kulberg

Bernadotte and Kylberg is a Swedish acclaimed design agency based in Stockholm, Sweden. They create product design for a great variety of renowned international and Scandinavian clients such as Skultuna, Hstens, Stelton, Zwiesel Kristallglass, Synsam. The agency was founded in 2012 and is owned by Carl Philip Bernadotte and Oscar Kylberg.

DESCRIPTION- “We are proud to be working with Skultuna, a company brand with values that we like. With Infinity we wanted to create a never-ending play with light. By splitting a cylinder, we can place the light reflectors or shields any way we see fit according the room and space in which they are. The different seizes and the fact that they aren't attached will also provide the user with endless options for change  an infinity of variations” say Bernadotte and Kulberg about the design process.

MEASUREMENTS- Small H 60mm x D 100mm and Large H 100mm x D 100mm

COLOUR- Powder coated black with brass