Gift Registry Terms and Conditions

Gift Registry

  1. You are responsible for the selection of all items on your Gift Registry.
  2. Guests will be charged the price of the item current at the time of purchase. This price may differ from the applicable price when you added the item to your list.
  3. Items already purchased by guests may not be deleted from the gift list.
  4. You may add/remove items to/from your list as often as you like before your occasion occurs.
  5. We cannot guarantee the items that are available upon registration will be available throughout the period of the gift registry due to seasonal variations and other factors.
  6. Registrants cannot lay-by goods for guests to complete the payments.
  7. Opsis Designs does not accept any responsibility for any incomplete or inaccurate gift suggestion lists.

Cancelled or postponed occasions

In the event of an occasion being postponed or cancelled for any reason, it will be your responsibility to contact our team so that necessary arrangements can take place.

  • Your guests will be given the following options for a cancelled occasion:
    • A refund on the purchase made


    • Delivery to an address nominated by the guest.
  • As the registrant you will incur a late cancellation fee if it occurs within 14 days of the occasion date.

Returns & Exchanges

We do not offer refunds on items purchased as part of a gift registry.

  • Gifts received may be exchanged in line with the Opsis Designs returns policy and to the value to which it was purchased.


  • Your gifts will be wrapped and delivered by courier to your nominated address on your specified date. The delivery date must be within 30 days following the occasion date.
  • Your guests will be pay a $20 gift service fee at time of purchase.
  • Minimum 7 day’s notice is required when you specify or change your delivery date.
  • Purchases made after the ‘delivery cut-off date’, which is 7 days prior to the nominated delivery date, cannot be delivered and the guest will be contacted to ensure they take the gift with them to your event.

Completion offer

  • A 5% gift card on all items will be provided to the registrant following their occasion.
  • The offer will expire 6 months after it is issued.
  • The offer is able to be used in-store and online. A promo code will be issued to the registrant to use online.
  • The offer is not in conjunction with any other offer or marked discount.
  • The offer does not apply to any returned items, which were purchased from the gift registry prior to the delivery date or occasion date and returned after such date.
  • The purchase of items remaining on the available Gift List are subject to stock availability. Any returns will be managed as per the Opsis Designs Returns Policy.