Paolo Castelli

Coral Armchair


Designers - Paolo Castelli & Thierry Lemaire

The generous and round shape of the Coral chair evoke a sense of relaxation and comfort, reminiscent of the soft clouds floating in the sky. Whether curling up with a good book or lounging in style, the Coral chair exudes luxury and comfort and is the perfect addition to any space.

This compact chair features organic polyurethane upholstery covered with natural wadding and burlap, ensuring maximum comfort and durability. The non-removable upholstery adds to its elegance, while the ash wood base with acetic finish adds a touch of sophistication. 

The Coral armchair is apart of the Greenkiss Collection, which is developed with new techniques that are both courageous and ecological. The excellent quality of the materials, which are all either regenerated, recouped or ethically produced under strictly controlled conditions, is enhanced by geometric styling, graphic details and asymmetrical proportions. It takes into account extensive research and development of product and supply chain and aesthetics.

W 1100 mm x D 950 mm x H 700 mm

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W 1100 mm x D 950 mm x H 700 mm