Paolo Castelli

Ipanema Coffee Table


Designer - Thierry Lemaire

The Ipanema Coffee Table embodies a sleek and minimalist design through its thin black nickel frame, which supports a thick slab of Grand Noir Antique marble. The combination of materials produces a stunning contrast between the dark hues of the metal and the natural veins and patterns of the marble. The Ipanema coffee table is not only visually striking but also practical, as its smooth and sturdy surface serves as an ideal platform for placing drinks, books, and other items. 

Metal frame with black nickel matte finish, and a precious marble top that is 10cm thick. 

Dimensions - One of 2 sizes
L 1010 mm x D 1040 mm 
L 1400 mm x D 1250 mm 

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L 1010 mm x D 1040 mm L 1400 mm x D 1250 mm