Ladenac Royale Porcelain Candle FLEURS BLANCHES Waves 280gr

Ladenac Royale Porcelain Candle FLEURS BLANCHES Waves 280gr

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BRAND- Ladenac


The Royale collection pays tribute to the masters and artisans who make luxury possible, patiently working with skilled hands, able to retain forever in a noble material, an instant or a sensation, a way of making and perceiving that reconciles experience and art. As such, it is due to artisanal involvement that each of the pieces is unique and numbered, so that each candle corresponds to a unique lid. Scented candles that invite sight, touch and smell.

FRAGRANCE- Fleur Blanche

Grains of sand withering the wind. For a moment let your mind travel to a distant place, a beach for example, surrounded by vegetation and white flowers. It’s this moment that the glass evokes, when the sea breeze lifts the sandy particles of the beach, creating ripples in its dunes. Once you have this candle in your hands, you will know that you are holding an exclusive item. This is not only a luxury scented candle, it is also a beautiful designer interior piece.


Weight 330 g | Wick - 1 |Volume- 280 ml | Burn Time +/- 80 hours | Ø 8 cm | Height 15cm