Sieger by Fürstenberg

Sieger by Fürstenberg Sip of Gold Tumbler - Precious Companions



BRAND- Sieger by Fürstenberg

The Sieger by Fürstenberg Sip of Gold champagne tumblers are just pure luxury.

Made of wafer-thin porcelain and the finest precious 24ct gold, when filled with liquid, the reflections give the impression you are drinking liquid gold. With a wafer-thin wall thickness of around two millimeters, they sit lightly and elegantly in the hand. 

Sieger by Fürstenberg teamed up with aesthetics doctor Dr. Barbara Sturm to support and raise awareness of nature conservation with the special-edition tumbler Precious Companions from SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG. With every purchase, 10% of the sales will be donated to the wildlife rescue organization National Park Rescue. 

Our world is enriched by animals in all their unique and precious forms and varieties. Thanks to our new porcelain tumbler, Precious Companions | Edition Dr. Barbara Sturm, they can now enrich people’s lives at home, too. Each unique, handcrafted tumbler is adorned with elephants, bees, turtles, and rabbits, elegantly illustrating the beauty and diversity of animal species.

This is truly a completely unique drinking experience.

DIMENSIONS- 7.4H x 8.9W cm

COLOUR- Black/White, 24ct gold inner