Dimitra Hatziplis

Adding Gold Accents to your Home

In Ocean Magazine's 90th edition, Dimitra Hatziplis of Opsis Designs wrote an article about how to add gold accents to an exisiting space to achieve a perfect balance between the on-trend look and restrained elegance.

Gold accents are making a comeback, but not in the way we remember it. Forget the ornate gold creations of the 80s and instead think of modern glamour.

There was a time when gold once ruled. But after the decadent and somewhat baroque style of the 80s, the 90s was a turn to minimalist chic where wedding rings changed to platinum, crystal glasses lost their etching and stainless steel accents graced every room in the house. But it didn’t last forever. There is a classic appeal to gold that brings instant style – and a sense of luxury – to a space. It is therefore no surprise to see that this precious metal has been reinvented for modern spaces.

Shakespeare once said: ‘gold- what cannot it not do and undo?’ And he was right. But the challenge is to get it right – Too little and it will be hardly noticeable; used excessively you may end up with a look that borders on kitsch.


Above: Faces Champagne Cooler and Sip of Gold Tumblers by Sieger by Fürstenberg

The benefit of gold accents is that regardless of your taste, you can find the right shade and material. From shiny brass, muted champagne to burnished copper, you can find a tone that will complement your existing setting. After all the idea is not to throw out everything you have and work in a new style, Rather add gold touches to an existing space for a natural and on-trend look that can be added to every room in the house.

At first, this can be a little uncomfortable for clients who recall the ornate brass of the past. There can also be a level of uncertainty about how to add gold into a room that has stainless steel or chrome finishes, especially in a bathroom.

I am often asked how the gorgeous gold bathroom accessories that are available will fit in with chrome fittings. As above, the answer is to remember that you do not want to change everything to gold - you want to do add gold accents strategically instead of updating everything. In fact purposefully mixing different metals can provide a sense of contrast and interest; and does not need to be avoided. A beautiful set of gold accessories such as a soap dispenser, tumbler and tissue box will look perfectly at ease with chrome fittings.

Gold accent bathroom accessories

Above: Amber and Gold from the Kristall Range by Decor Walther

For timeless bathroom accessories on name that stands out is Décor Walther. The company’s philosophy is to produce objects of discreet luxury and they have a vast range of products that are finished in a variety of materials and so they provide bathroom solutions in many materials including shiny or matt brass, copper, nickel and bronze.

Beyond the bathroom, there are companies that specialise in producing brass objects. Skultuna is arguably the world leader in brass decorative items is. Always at the cutting edge of design, they have produced objects of the highest quality for everyday use and special occasions for over 400 years. Skultuna regularly adds to its repertoire and has beautiful stand alone pieces as well as - from stunning candle holders to pretty vases and everything in between – that add a luxurious feel to a room.

skultuna gold accents

Above: Damejanne Glass Vase and Infinity Brass Candleholder by Skultuna

For something that has more impact, there are numerous companies that manufacture gold furniture. A standout however is luxury Italian brand Giulio Marelli. Marelli, who have perfected techniques to produce stunning gold tables in a variety of finishes including brushed copper, antique brass and gold as well as chromed black and chromed gold. Not only are the Marelli pieces beautiful but with the customisation available – the same metal can be used on custom-size side tables, and the metal can be matched to the sofa or bookcase - a solution can be found.  Giulio Marelli Side Table

Above: Clip Side Table in Brushed Antique Gold by Giulio Marelli

You will most likely already have crystal glassware but a collection of tumblers from Sieger by Fürstenberg is a glamorous addition to any bar. Founded in 1747, Fürstenberg partnered with Royal Salute to customise their existing Sip of Gold collection to create “the most elaborate and engaging product tasting experience ever seen in the whisky category” the inner gold coating “brings the whisky to life – it shines, it shimmers, it breathes, it is animated, it is alive”.

With a wall thickness of just two millimetres and a 24-carat-gold coating on their interior and exterior trim, when filled with liquid they give the impression of liquid gold. This inner gold coating “brings the whisky to life – it shines, it shimmers, it breathes, it is animated, it is alice” says Fürstenberg.

Mario Luca Gold Accents

Above: Super Milly Tumbler and Palla Pitcher in Amber by Mario Luca Giusti

Of course where breakages can pose a real danger, Mario Luca Giusti have created Synthetic Crystal. The optimal solution for pools and yachts, the collection is expanded every year and always embodies style and elegance. The collection is expanded each year and always reflects style and elegance. The Mario Luca Giusti range looks sensational mixed. Consider using the Milly amber tumblers with the clear Dolce Vita Champagne flute and a black opaque Dolce Vitae wine glass. This is a way to experiment with colour without committing to major changes or expense.

The addition of gold is a bold new trend that is here to stay. Dare to mix your metals and have some fun embracing this return to old world luxury. With the addition of just a few strategic pieces, gold offers instant opulence, but with the right touches, an unforgettable experience.