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Asteria TV Console


Designer - Studio 28

A stylish and functional TV console featuring a unique combination of materials, defined by smooth lines and curvature. Made in Italy, quality is paramount and is evident in the fine craftsmanship.

Lacquered wooden frame with metal top and legs. Circular silhouette supported by rounded legs. Two drawers in the middle, providing ample storage space for remotes and accessories. Side compartments equipped with hinged doors can be used to store larger items such as gaming consoles, DVDs, or books. Combination of materials create a sleek and modern design, an excellent addition to complement any living or entertainment space.

Powder coated metal - Stippled White, Stippled Black, Stippled Graphite, Stippled Titanium, Stippled Taupe, Stippled Copper, Stippled Brass, Stippled Canapa, Stippled Earth, Stippled Brick Red, Stippled Pistachio, Stippled Sage.
Aged metal - Pewter, Bronze, or Aged Copper.
Lacquered - White, Black, Graphite, Titanium, Taupe, Copper, Brass, Canapa, Earth, Brick Red, Pistachio, Sage.

Sideboard - L 2000 x D 524 x H 752 mm
TV Console - L 2500 x D 524 x H 500 mm

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Sideboard - L 2000 x D 524 x H 752 mm TV Console - L 2500 x D 524 x H 500 mm