Ronda Design

Libera 45 Bookcase


DESIGNER Gino Carollo

The Libera 45 by Ronda Design is a magnetic modular bookcase that combines the warmth of wood with the sleekness of painted metal. What sets this bookcase apart from others is its unique 45-degree edges, which give it a distinctive, modern look. Unlike traditional bookcases, the Libera 45 uses only magnetic force to fix its vertical and horizontal elements to each other.

This magnetic system is integrated into non-metallic surfaces, which allows for greater compositional freedom and simplifies the assembly process. With the Libera 45, you can easily customise your shelves to suit your needs and preferences.


Metal: Stippled White, Stippled Black, Stippled Graphite, Stippled Titanium, Matt Copper, Matt Brass
Aged metal: Pewter, Bronze, Aged copper
Wood finishes: American walnut, Natural Oak, Black Ash


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At the time of publishing, this item is available as new, as display or both. Please enquiry directly with us if you would like further information

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